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If you are thinking about learning more about crystals and how to incorporate them into your life and have some fun along the way, then you may want to have an introduction to crystal energy by doing a one-day workshop.

Intrinsic Crystal Therapy is a form of Crystal Therapy, which incorporates advanced techniques with years of experience and passion, so it is different from any other crystal workshop you will come across.

The day will cover everything you need to know to get you started with crystals from choosing and cleansing crystals, understanding the power of clear quartz, using a pendulum, basic layouts and clearing through and charging the chakras.

The day will be full of learning and practising as we go so you will have the opportunity to do a basic crystal therapy treatment and potentially receive a full crystal treatment.

The cost is only £75 per person (Discounts available for larger groups and OAP’s)

You will receive the ‘Crystal Deva Meditation’ to take with you to fine-tune your connection to crystals

You will also receive a set of chakra stones to get you started.

£30 deposit is required to secure your place.

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