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KaiAmea energy and attunements are very similar to Reiki in that you are working with energy and symbols.

The symbols and energy enlightenment is with you forever and really assists with moving forward.

The workshop will help you to deepen your connection to the energies of the Earth and beyond and you will learn how to utilize these energies to unlock your own potential.

Each workshop consists of two half days (three hours each) and can be done over a weekend or an evening.

An Introduction to KaiAmea and an attunement usually costs £300.

However I am offering SIX places for only £199!

You will receive a manual, which is easy to understand, fully illustrated and covers all the techniques and symbols you need to start practicing on yourself, your friends and family. You will also receive a certificate with your name on from the KaiAmea school.

£80 deposit is required to secure your place, and covers your manuals, certificates and course registration.

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