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This course is for people who love crystals and would like to learn more about them and how to incorporate them into your lives as part of your own self-development and potentially use what you learn on your friends and family and/or become a professional practioner.

The course will help you to deepen your connection to the energies of the Earth and learn how to utilize these energies to unlock your own potential.

KaiAmea Crystal Therapy is a form of Crystal Therapy, which incorporates new and advanced techniques, so it is different from any other crystal course you will come across. The course will cover everything you need to know about crystals and more from using a pendulum, how to read and understand chakra patterns to crystal acupuncture, cord cutting, Akashic records and even past life and inner child work. The possibilities are endless.

The course involves twelve modules spread over an eighteen-month period.

Each workshop consists of two half days or can be condensed into one full day. This can be done over a weekend or an evening.

You can pay for each workshop as you do it (i.e. after payday!).

The cost is only £120 per workshop

You will receive four manuals altogether (two for year one and two for year two), which are easy to understand, fully illustrated and covers all the techniques, meditations, and notes you will ever need to know about crystals.

You will also receive a set of chakra stones to get you started.

£50 deposit is required to secure your place, plus a further £50 before your course starts to cover your manuals and course registration for year one.  This is the same for year two.

You inspire each weekend, so it will involve working with your intuition and inspiration and having lots of fun!

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