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Intrinsic Therapies empowers you to create space within.

Intrinsic means ‘within’. By creating space within yourself you can find the space, to bring your mind, body and soul into balance. Feeling connected, belonging naturally to the world and the people around you.

Combining nature’s energy with mindfulness, breathwork, cold water and everything else in between to heal, guide, teach and inspire you and your kids through sharing my knowledge and experience. Giving you the tools, skills and experience to bring holistic health and well-being into your life, work and home.

Empowering you to create a holistic lifestyle for you and your family.

“My purpose is to empower you and your family to live a Holistic lifestyle. To heal, guide, teach and inspire you and your kids through sharing my knowledge and experience. Giving you the tools, skills and experience to bring holistic health and well-being into your life, work and home.
Empowering you and your family to create space within.”

Natasha Crompton

What are you longing for right now?

I’d love to find & buy my crystals from someone who knows what they’re on about

I prefer to hold crystals and feel the energy rather than buying online. I’m not sure what crystals would support me in my life right now?

I’d love to have a cuppa and a chat whilst finding my crystals

Carve your pathway

I’d love my kids to be happy, healthy and free to be themselves

My kids are struggling with their emotions, what can I do? They’re not sleeping and just don’t seem like themselves. How can I help them?

I wish someone could show them how to live, breathe and be free!

Fulfil your potential

I’d love to explore my life journey and raise my energy vibration

I know a bit about crystals but would like to know how to use them. I’ve started doing some holistic well-being but curious to find out more.

I’d love to know the skills, tools and techniques to use as part of my self-care

Ignite your passion

I’d love to have more balance with less stress

I feel stuck at a crossroads, like something is missing. I want to make a change but I don’t know how.

I’d love to practice self-care but where do I start?

Find your flow

I’d love the energy in my home to feel better, calm & happy

The energy feels stuck, stagnant how do I get rid of it? We aren’t sleeping well, I feel restless.

I’d love to clear this and give my home an energy makeover

Create your space

I’d love to move forward and be the best version of myself

I’d love to remove whatever is holding me back. I’ve had enough of living with trauma.

I’m ready for a real lifestyle change! How do I begin?

Explore your flow

Hello beautiful people!

I’m Natasha. I’m a Crystal and Reiki Energy Practitioner, guide and healer specialising in supporting adults and children who are at a crossroads, feeling stuck, out of alignment or searching for more balance.

My life and energy work has empowered hundreds of clients to awaken their lives whilst awakening spiritually. Some have just been curious, whilst others have been on a spiritual path for a while.

It is my mission to help you create a complete and lasting life balance by bringing a more holistic approach to your daily routine. Through realising the full potential of your body, mind and spirit and empowering you with the tools, skills and experiences to get you there.

I work in an intuitive and mindful way, connecting to the Universal Natural Energy to support you in a way which respects you as an individual, whatever stage of the journey you are at. I combine this with a structured and practical approach to keep you grounded and giving you the results you’re longing for.

I have been there! More than once… at a crossroads, feeling stuck, repeating patterns and wanting to escape. Determined to find my purpose, follow my passion and create more balance in my life. I know how it feels to be on both sides of the fence, and I know that change is possible.

Having three kids of my own I understand how being a mum whilst running a business can be exhausting.  One day you feel like you’ve got it sussed, then the next day it’s chaos again! As parents we intrinsically want the best for our children and can feel helpless when it comes to their health and well-being. Whatever age they are, they will constantly face challenging situations and people throughout their lives.

It’s my mission to give our children a safe, calming and energising space to be able to explore, learn and integrate a full range of Holistic tools and skills to empower them from a young age how to live, breathe and BE FREE… Little People, Big Dreams!


I decided to have a crystal party because crystals are very special to me and I enjoy learning about them. I love my necklace and so do my friends. I didn’t know where crystals came from or what they were good for, I also learnt about different types that I have never heard of. My crystal party was very interesting and fun. I learnt lots of new things to do with crystals. I enjoyed using the singing bowl and seeing how sage is used. My friends all enjoyed it which I am pleased about. Thank you very much for setting it all up Tasha!

Harriet Helms (Age 11)

After a long, stressful and emotional time, Natasha was my solution. The home energy clearing changed the entire dynamic in my family. The kids are calmer and they fell in love with their own room again. I will definitely have more treatments soon, as the benefits are amazing!

Vasi Rusu-Ardelean

I felt that I was in need of more self-care in my routine and I knew that investing in myself would be the most rewarding thing. I have found that meditating has helped my mood massively since having my treatments, my sleep has massively improved (this was one pattern of behaviour that needed fixing) and working through past traumas has been easier since working with Natasha. She truly is a healer and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Genna Haddock

On meeting Natasha, the feeling I had was one of calmness and purity. Going through treatments with her has been the best thing for me! She is dedicated to the well-being of her clients and from the very first treatment I had; I felt a change happening within me.

I couldn’t recommend her services highly enough and I hope to continue with Natasha with different treatments as the impact of meeting her has been a highly positive one for me! She is an amazing lady with the most amazing soul and has taught me so much in terms of my well-being and self-care. Thanks so much Tasha xxx

Genna Haddock

I had the privilege of being Natasha’s first customer in her new garden retreat for a Crystal Reiki Energy session. The retreat is so peaceful with so much positive spiritual sensory elements. At first I had been apprehensive about this type of well-being treatment but I’m glad I decided to explore this spiritual practice further. Natasha is incredibly intuitive, kind and helpful and as far as the session went, just WOW!
If you haven’t experienced an energy session before I highly recommend it. The experience is indescribable, so fulfilling and rewarding. Can’t wait to go back again!

Pav Farmah

This was a game changer! Her readings, energy work and crystal therapies saw me through the most difficult time in my life. By far her energy sessions have been the most single important aspect of my healing journey and balance to my well-being. Now I can’t speak for all men, but traditional western well-being balanced with eastern spiritual practices has been a recipe for success for me and I intend to continue to learn more about how this supports my own well-being.

I’m so grateful to have met Natasha and for the support she has given me. If you haven’t reached out yet and any of the above resonates, don’t hesitate to seek her therapeutic support. It could be just what you need.

Paven Farmah

I feel much more empowered and confident in working with crystals after a session with Natasha. She is incredibly knowledgeable and packed a lot of information together in a fun and enjoyable way.

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