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If you’re not local, feel you’d like an introduction to a Crystal Reiki Energy Experience or just need a top up then a distant energy experience could be for you.

We would start with a discovery call to find out what you would like to gain from a session and complete a consultation form.

I will explain the session in detail so you know what to expect.

With an agreed time and date in place you will find a comfortable space at home where you will not be disturbed for 45 minutes.

You’re free to create your own ‘Intrinsic Space’ with candles, incense, a warm blanket, anything you feel you would like for your session.

I will do a face-to-face call with you, get you settled and take you through a calming, grounding meditation.

The session will last 45 minutes including 15 minutes at the end for feedback, advice and guidance, so you can leave feeling empowered to continue with your personal self-care.

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