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Are you looking for…

a significant lifestyle change, a deeper connection and a shift in your consciousness? Combining your crystal reiki energy sessions with regular support and guidance to suit your lifestyle commitments could be the journey for you.

Full journeys can include:

• Crystal guidance
• Meditations
• Journaling
• Holistic life coaching
• Breathwork
• Cold water therapy/ice bath
• Herbal medicine
• Feedback and follow up connections

Your journey

Intrinsic Journey 111

Identify new beginnings 

Find your true individuality

Seize new opportunities 

Intrinsic Journey 222

Create new beginnings 

Make a positive change 

Expansion that reflects growth

Harmonise your mind and body

Cooperate with your true self and your relationships 


Intrinsic Journey 333

Action new beginnings 

Find your inner strength 

Find your journey on the path of discovery

Express your creativity & your soul’s truth

Be your authentic self & transform your life

Intrinsic Journey 444

On the right path to your life journey 

A Spiritual awakening to your true self

Vibrating in Harmony with the Universe 

Strengthen your relationship with yourself 

Intrinsic Journey 555

Make significant positive change 

Break free from what’s holding you back

Choose the path of true freedom

Change your perspective in life

Find your Inner peace & honour your soul

Intrinsic Journey 777

Connect to your divine guidance & true life purpose

Experience energetic alignment at the perfect vibration

You’re ready for the next big chapter in your life

Increase your awareness to know yourself better 

Get excited, you are ready!


Intrinsic Journey 999

Step into limitless opportunities 

Make your dreams a reality

Become the best, most powerful version of yourself! 

Express who you were born to be, your truest self

Making an impact in the world

Experience oneness

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