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Combining the natural earth energy of crystals and reiki with powerful techniques and intuition, an Intrinsic Energy Experience is a Holistic approach to any condition.

Whether it’s on a physical, emotional or a spiritual level you will experience a shift leaving you feeling re-energised, relaxed and restored. 

If you are looking for a deeper shift and/or an awakening this will be discussed during the discovery call.

All energy sessions include:

• A full consultation
• Chakra energy reading
• Feedback, advice & guidance
• Journaling
• Follow up

What is an Intrinsic Energy Experience?

When you arrive you will be warmly welcomed by myself and guided through my magical garden to the ‘Intrinsic Garden Retreat’

We will have a chat following your discovery call to find out more about what you would like to gain from your sessions, and complete a consultation.

I will explain the session in detail so you know what to expect and can get into your own space.

You will lay down, fully clothed on a comfortable massage couch with warm blankets and cushions, soft lighting, candle light and zen music playing whist you get comfy.

I work with the crystals to activate and amplify each one so they work with you to their full potential, combined with Reiki this makes it a powerful and positive experience.

The session will last one hour including 15 minutes at the end for feedback, advice and guidance, so you can leave feeling empowered to continue with your personal self-care.

What are the benefits of an Intrinsic Energy Experience?

Creates deep relaxation and aids your body to release stress and anxiety.

Removes energy blockages bringing your body into balance and harmony.

Relieves pain and discomfort within your body.

Strengthens & supports your immune system.

Strengthens your body’s ability to heal itself.

Helps your spiritual growth and emotional clearing.

Rebalances your chakras, your energy, your whole self.

Healing for your mind, body and spirit.

Improves your sleep.

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