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Set in the tranquil setting of my beautiful garden, full of herbs and wildflowers, with the earth energy of plants in the allotments behind. As you arrive you will be greeted by myself and taken into a world of magical wonder as you enter through the gate full of flowers and fairy lights.

My ‘Intrinsic Garden Retreat’ with crystals placed within the foundation, creating a circle of positive, loving energy into the space. With the gentle sound of wind chimes, an ice barrel nestled under the tree, a swinging chair to relax and a welcoming firepit to keep warm under the stars. As soon as you enter you will feel the peace, tranquility and space to…

Start your personal journey
Feel empowered, to have control over your own health and well-being
Experience crystal energy, Reiki and good vibes
Learn, develop, experience and explore holistic self-care
Find and meet your personal crystals
Breathe, meditate, be still, be present
Experience optional cold-water therapy & ice baths
Bring your kids to explore, understand and manage their personal well-being
Be creative, practice self-care, be your true self, be Intrinsic

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