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Kids well-being retreat

This retreat has been developed to help your children feel more rested, reassured, calm, confident and resilient.

‘Little People, Big Dreams’ will allow your child/ren to explore, learn and understand easy to use exercises, tools and techniques to manage & understand their personal Health & Well-being. Whilst having fun and relaxing with like-minded children of their own age.

There will also be an opportunity at the end, for you to learn what skills and techniques your child/ren have learnt, empowering you and your child/ren to bring this wonderful supportive energy into your home and family life.

Places are very limited so I can keep groups small & personal to give your child/ren the best possible experience and good vibes!

I’m fully DBS checked and I’ve worked in the holistic world for over 22 years. My passion is working with crystals, breathwork, energy, nature, art, and everything in between.
I’m a mum of three who are full of life and energy and they love helping out and getting involved in my work.

With busy lives, school runs, clubs and everything else in between we all need a little retreat.

I very much look forward to meeting you and your children

Tasha x

Kid’s Well-being Holiday Camp

Half-day £33, Full-day £66
2 Full-days £100
11% discount for siblings
New dates to be announced

6-week Kids Well-being Retreat

Ages 5-8 at 4pm – 5:30pm
Ages 9-12 at 6pm – 7:30pm

Spring Term – New Beginnings
New dates to be announced
(Plus Kid’s Foraging)

Summer Term – Ignite your passion
New dates to be announced
(Plus Summer party)

The 6-week Retreat includes:
A FREE Journal, Pencil, Keepsake box, Crystal & Certificate PLUS a healthy snack and drink at each session!


Connecting to your roots

Base Chakra

Exploring your emotions

Sacral Chakra

Find your personal power

Solar Plexus

Experience your self love

Heart Chakra

Express you true self

Throat Chakra

Focus your mind

Brow Chakra

Feel connected

Crown Chakra

Little People, Big Dreams can help your child to:

Physical well-being

  • Decrease their physical tension and calm their nervous system
  • Boost their energy levels, their immune system and help their sleep
  • Learn the skills to breathe, relax, be calm and aware

Mental well-being

  • Reduce their stress and tension
  • Increase their positive thinking
  • Stimulate their imagination and creativity
  • Being free to be themselves

Emotional well-being

  • Lower their anxiety and stress levels
  • Develop their confidence and self esteem
  • Build their emotional resilience
  • Increase their happiness and optimism
  • Explore and release their emotions
  • Learn how to overcome their fears
  • Help their connection and social interaction

Kids crystal energy parties

Our children are the next generation. They are more aware, they are more in tune with themselves, nature and the world around them. Wouldn’t it be great to give them an opportunity to connect, create, explore and learn about the beautiful abundant energy that exists all around them?

An Intrinsic Energy Party will be tailor made for your child and their friends to ensure they have a fun, interactive experience bringing them closer together whilst learning about crystal energy and how to use it for their personal well-being. 

Each party includes a crystal each plus materials to make a crystal necklace or keyring.

There is also the option to add extras into party bags and an extra crystal for the birthday boy/girl.

If you feel your child would benefit from a complete holistic experience then why not try my ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ Kids well-being retreat.

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