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Space can hold energy, space can hold emotions, space can hold memories….

Every-time you have had a difficult, emotional or stressful experience at home or at work, the energy can stick in your space, hanging around like a bad smell….when you have another similar experience it can add to it.

So instead of allowing this stagnant energy to hang around, get rid of it?

Using a powerful combination of crystals, sound and cleansing I will shift and move this energy out of your home or work place and replace it with good, clean positive energy.

The energy space clearing also includes a ‘Crystal Reiki Energy session’ on yourself as you are connected to the energy in your space ensuring that the stagnant energy has been completely removed leaving you completely free, balanced, and clear to make positive changes in your life!

There is also an option to add to your newly cleansed space with specifically chosen crystals which will be placed to create the best Feng Shui circle of energy to keep the good vibes flowing.

  • Home
  • Work space
  • Energy package – includes crystals to be placed to create the perfect balance
  • Packages: self-love, abundance, stress relief, improved sleep
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